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Inventor of the LimitlessLED, and founder of Limitless Designs, Hamish Ahern, hopes that this technology will have a profound effect on reducing the world’s carbon emissions through energy savings, and give everyone the freedom of where and when they turn lights on and off in their home. He also says frequently changing your light bulbs may become a thing of the past.

“The LimitlessLED technology demonstrates up to 50,000 hours of useful life per smartbulb, which could mean changing your lightbulbs just two or three times in a lifetime,” says Ahern.

The new lightbulbs are extremely hi-tech, containing both warm white and cool white capability in a single light bulb. The wireless remote allows the user to gradually change between the two colors and every smartbulb has a built in dimming feature that allows the user to remotely control the brightness in both warm white and cool white modes.

“One of the most practical uses for LimitlessLED is its ability to group and switch large zones of multiple smartbulbs from multiple remotes, in many simultaneous combinations. This will have excellent appeal to multiple rooms in a home or to commercial buildings where each channel can have up to 100 or more bulbs.” says Ahern.

“The entire electrical and home automation industry has never before had the luxury of such capabilities in a simple light bulb. There will be no need for expensive installation of wall dimmers, extra wiring, or electrician fees. You just simply swap your existing light bulb.” says Ahern.

“The LimitlessLED bulbs are cold enough to touch, even when at full brightness, therefore safer in young children’s rooms. The smartbulbs are unbreakable, so are safe in bedside lamps that are prone to be knocked over. There will be no more sweeping up broken glass.” says Ahern.

Online retail price for the home user is USD28.50 per 7.5W LimitlessLED smartbulb. Earlybirds can take advantage of the release of this new technology on http://www.indiegogo.com/limitlessled Special pre-release perks are available on this website if purchasing quantities of four or more bulbs at USD18.50 each, plus remotes and shipping.

Hamish adds, “At this price point, there is absolutely no reason to frequently buy standard light bulbs anymore. Allowing your family members to remotely control any of the lights in your home is now accessible where it has previously only been available in costly smart home automation systems.”

The features that are packed into such a small space and at such an affordable price are due in part to the Smartphone semiconductor boom for wireless technologies, and in part due to the consumer demand for the energy and cost savings that LED delivers.

And, the new smartbulb not only performs in efficiency, but delivers in aesthetics and lighting performance. Within the 180degree down and outward field of light produced by the LimitlessLED, the brightness achieved is more than a standard 60W incandescent bulb. This is more than adequate for recessed lighting, dome lighting, hanging lights and in some cases even chandelier lighting.

“The industry standard measurement of Lumens is the full 360degrees area of light available around a bulb, which doesn’t apply so well to LED bulbs where minimal light pollution is wasted in a backwards direction, which is why the high quality 7.5W LimitlessLED bulb still easily outshines 60W incandescent bulbs at an equivalent 800Lumens.” says Ahern.
Using the new 7.5Watt LimitlessLED smartbulb will reduce lighting power consumption by up to 85 percent over conventional 60Watt bulbs.

Ahern believes 2.4Ghz is the most reliable and internationally available frequency for controlling lightbulbs. “Just as you pick up your 2.4Ghz wireless home telephone and it works every time, our LimitlessLED smartbulbs operate flawlessly from the handheld remote or iPhone. We are only using 1% of the available 2.4Ghz bandwidth, and it doesn't take much time to send a few simple secure commands across the air, just a few milliseconds. This allows up to 100 or more bulbs to operate instantaneously per button on the 4-channel remote. Our wireless LimitlessLED has been running rock solid in test homes.” he says.

The new smartbulbs are primarily controlled directly by one or more remotes, and Limitless Designs didn’t stop there – they also created an affordable base station that allows your iPhone, Android, or Work PC to securely control all the lights in your home via WiFi and Internet. Each base station only costs USD37, and has a range of 65ft (20 meters). At just the size of your palm, the base station is very compact making it easy to plug into a power socket and tuck away out of sight, typically next to the cordless phone’s base station or home WiFi router.

The more powerful new Android MiniPC base station is also palmed sized. This enables smart home automation features such as scheduling light events and using sensors to control the LimitlessLED light bulbs. The Android base stations are available as an exclusive special pre-order perk on http://www.indiegogo.com/limitlessled for USD117 when purchased with a pack of wireless smartbulbs.

Ahern says in closing, "Not that long ago there were two distinct industries, one for glass light bulbs, both incandescent and compact fluorescent, and one for semiconductors. Now the lighting industry is quickly morphing into a semiconductor industry, and new players are entering every day. LED is taking off as the leading technology for lighting in the foreseeable future.”

Limitless Designs LLC is a Fountain Valley, California based startup founded by 34-year-old creator and entrepreneur Hamish Paul Ahern from Tauranga, New Zealand. Limitless Designs is a Team of electronics engineers, software developers, software engineers, and LED engineers. With copyrights, registered trademarks and patents pending in USA, Australia and New Zealand; the wireless smartbulbs and wireless remotes integrated with android smart pcs, using its own smart connected devices, and interconnects with smart devices from other companies, will provide a solid base for all the future ideas and inventions the company has planned over the coming months and years.

Learn more at http://www.limitlessled.com, follow them on Twitter @LimitlessLED and like them on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/limitlessledlighting or watch their videos on http://www.youtube.com/limitlessled More product information at http://www.indiegogo.com/limitlessled?a=1098799

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