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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Xtify, Mobile Customer Engagement Leader, Announces Xtify Retail...

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) October 03, 2012

Xtify, the leading provider of mobile engagement technology, today, at the Retail RAMP conference, announced the launch of Xtify Retail Services, a retailer-focused marketing platform and managed services offering. The hybrid offering enables retailers to more effectively engage, measure, and understand their mobile customers.

Xtify helps a number of top retailers influence purchase intent and brand engagement by allowing marketers to message customers based on personal preferences, marketer-defined segments, application usage behavior, and real-time location triggers - even when that retailer’s app itself is not open. The Xtify platform has an open architecture for easy integration into existing retailer systems.

With Xtify Retail Services, Xtify further simplifies mobile engagement by helping retailers:
    Repurpose existing marketing materials from other digital and mobile channels    Load retailer locations, and those of competitors, into the Xtify system for active campaign use in conjunction with other targeting criteria    Upload marketing lists and segments so they are available for message delivery    Personalize messaging by integrating retailer CRM systems, point of sale systems, and coupon fulfillment platforms for 1:1 messaging, delivered via push notification    Attribute in-store, online, and mobile conversions to push notification campaigns via easy-to-integrate campaign performance beacons    Monitor campaign performance and generate retailer-specific user, campaign, and channel-level analytics    Perform system integration project management and quality assurance reviews

“The technology and resource demands on today’s retail marketers are multiplying every day - managing the message across multiple digital, mobile and print channels is a challenge to plan, and almost overwhelming, to execute,” said Josh Schiffman, SVP Strategy and Operations at Xtify. “Xtify’s Retail Services simplify the task of cost effectively reaching the retail brands’ most loyal customers - those that downloaded the retailer’s app to engage with the brand.”

“Xtify’s existing retail customers have told us that sending the right message to their most loyal customers drives significant customer satisfaction and importantly, quantifiable ROI. Helping our retail partners get the most out of their smartphone and tablet application channel is our mission,” said Josh Schiffman.

Supporting Resources

About Xtify

Xtify is a provider of user engagement technology for mobile applications that helps brands and developers deliver highly targeted information to their mobile customers based on users' preferences, customer segments, behaviors, and real-time physical locations. Companies like Sephora, Thrillist, InterContinental Hotels Group, Ritz-Carlton, American Eagle Outfitters, PacSun, Sam’s Club, DailyCandy, and Playboy use Xtify to keep their apps top of mind. The Company is based in New York City and was founded by Silicon Alley serial entrepreneurs Andrew Weinreich and Jeremy Levy. Xtify's platform works worldwide for native iOS, Android, and BlackBerry smartphone and tablet applications as well as apps developed with Adobe’s PhoneGap framework. Learn more at

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The Nature Conservancy Takes a Big Step in Conservation Education with...

Palo Alto, CA (PRWEB) October 03, 2012

The Nature Conservancy has partnered with Five Ravens to create a new version of My Bird World, an educational mobile app for the iPad, iPod touch and iPhone. This award-winning app is five-star rated and has been nationally recognized by, and Star Picks.

Along with The Nature Conservancy’s LEAF, Nature Rocks and Nature Works Everywhere programs, the organization's work with Five Ravens on My Bird World further illustrates the Conservancy’s commitment to educating the next generation of conservationists.

My Bird World is produced by Five Ravens and The Cornell Lab of Ornithology and features four educational games with multiple levels that teach students about North American birds. The app features stunning images, real bird sounds and over 400 bird facts and now includes conservation facts provided by The Nature Conservancy. This app is used by educators and parents to increase a child’s love of birds and nature.

“In an effort to continue to expand The Nature Conservancy’s audience, we are excited to contribute to My Bird World,” said Geof Rochester, chief marketing officer of The Nature Conservancy. “Connecting children all over the world with nature through technology is important as we grow the next generation of conservationists.”

"We developed this game to make learning engaging and fun and we are thrilled to partner with The Nature Conservancy to enhance our popular games by teaching children the importance of conservation while increasing their bird knowledge," said Wenda O’Reilly, president and co-founder of Five Ravens.

This wonderful conservation enhancement is free to all existing My Bird World and My Bird World HD users. A Lite version of both games is available as a free trial of the app. All are available on iTunes.

About The Nature Conservancy
The Nature Conservancy is a leading conservation organization working around the world to protect ecologically important lands and waters for nature and people. The Conservancy and its more than 1 million members have protected nearly 120 million acres worldwide. Visit The Nature Conservancy on the Web at

About Five Ravens
Five Ravens, the digital division of Birdcage Press, combines a variety of learning approaches with digital game mechanics to create engaging learning environments. Their apps help students retain knowledge by applying key learning tools of memory, sound, and pattern recognition. Birdcage Press is renowned for its museum-quality collection of award-winning educational games on art, history, wildlife and aviation.

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Boomie vs Pirates First Live Gameplay Video is Released by Appiteks

Edwardsville, IL (PRWEB) September 28, 2012

Appiteks Chief Operating Officer Chris Luck announced today that the company has created a video that takes customers by the hand and walks them step-by-step through its first game, Boomie vs Pirates.

“What this does is give gamers and those considering the game a good feel for it,” Luck said. “We know that these days, people are more visual than ever, so to keep our customers from having to pour through countless pages of instructions, we’ve created a video that walks them right through the game.”

Luck explained that although Boomie vs Pirates is easy to play without written instructions, he believes adding the video will make the playing experience that much more enjoyable.

“The more that you can help your customers out, the better off you will be as a company,” Luck said. “We never want anyone to be confused on how the game we develop work or have to wonder what the point of the game is.”

The chief operating officer noted that the video serves as an additional outlet for current customers and potential customers to have more hands-on before they buy the game and even after they purchase it.

“We know for a fact that our game is an awesome game to play, but what better way to ensure that everyone who tries the game knows the inner workings of it than by providing a step-by-step video,” Luck questioned. “Everything we do, we do it with excellence and this video is nothing short of excellent.”

Luck stressed that Appiteks is determined to win over customers with superior customer service and developing the quality of iOS games that aren’t available at other companies.

“We’re ready to totally dominate the industry,” Luck said. “The games that we develop are awesome and the video that walks people through the games are awesome too.”

For more information, please visit:

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

PT MLW Telecom to Distribute Pixatel’s Productivity Suite on Android...

San Mateo, CA and Jakarta, Indonesia (PRWEB) October 02, 2012

Pixatel Systems, the leader in Subscriber Equity Management (SEM), today announced an agreement with PT MLW Telecom, an Indonesia based OEM, to preload Pixatel’s Android Productivity Suite across the SpeedUp line of Android based tablets and set top boxes.

Pixatel partners with leading device manufacturers, mobile operators, and retailers to distribute it’s Productivity Suite on consumer Android devices, including smart phones, tablets and set top boxes. The Android Productivity Suite consists of best of breed applications designed to enhance user experience across gaming, education, entertainment, productivity and social media.
Pixatel, thru the use of proprietary technology enables a unique monetization channel that has been untapped by Pixatel’s channel partners till now.

“Pixatel is excited to partner with MLW to distribute the Android Productivity Suite to consumers in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. MLW’s line of SpeedUp tablets and set top boxes are innovatively designed and their high technical specs make them ideal for productivity devices.” said Sunil Chhugani, Vice President of Business Development at Pixatel. “Pixatel’s Android Productivity Suite creates a new channel for increasing top line revenue for MLW while adding value and differentiation for consumers.”

“Pixatel’s software complements our SpeedUp line of tablets and set top boxes by providing the value added applications needed by our varied consumer base here in Indonesia,” said Rahmad Sakti, Director of Product and Marketing, PT MLW Telecom. “The SpeedUp custom AppStore comes pre-installed on our devices, providing the ability to offer our customers the latest updates as well as additional applications throughout the life of our devices. We look forward to offer even more relevant content to consumers through our partnership with Pixatel.”

In the last quarter, Pixatel has invested substantially to expand its presence across South East Asia and Latin America markets. Pixatel works closely with channel partners to determine the application mix that is suitable for their target audience and creates the appropriate set of applications that are distributed through a custom app store. Pixatel also offers its distribution partners solutions and services to enable a strong platform strategy, create product differentiation, and maximize value for end-users.

About Pixatel Systems Inc.
Pixatel Systems is the leading global provider of Subscriber Equity Management (SEM) solutions. Pixatel enables the world's leading device manufacturers, mobile operators, and corporations to deliver innovative value-added services and content to mobile devices while creating new monetization channels to increase revenue and grow market share. Pixatel democratizes application delivery by providing software, services, and platforms that enable everyone to maximize the power of next generation mobile devices. With a focus on the emerging world, Pixatel's solution portfolio offers end-to-end mobile solutions across education, commerce, gaming and productivity.

About PT MLW Telecom:
PT MLW Telecom is one of the leading telecommunications technology companies in Indonesia and has oriented to the growth of mobile broadband internet devices and technology by enabling easy communication access for any one, any time, and any place.
PT MLW Telecom has built a strong strategic partnership with various reputable telecom operator (broadband and 3G/4G) companies, banks, mobile manufacturers technology and application developers. MLW Telecom's distribution channel includes more than 1000 retail stores, more than 20 after-sales service locations, available to accommodate customer needs.
PT. MLW Telecom develops 2 leading brands in Indonesia:

A trademarks marketed by PT. MLW Telecom representing hardware technology such as Speedup® Broadband (router and modem), SpeedUp ® Pad (Tablet), SpeedUp® TV(Smart TV Device)

A trademark marketed by PT. MLW Telecom for software specially designed and optimized for SpeedUp®’s devices. An innovation made by PT.MLW Telecom to meet the need of the community. Digital content application such as music, magazines, books, social media and games planted on SpeedUp® devices Operating System.For more information, please visit

CONTACT: John Murray, Marketing Manager, Pixatel Systems, +1-415-680-3170, or john (at) pixatel (dot) com

Diana Ayudya, Media Partnership, SpeedUp, corpcomm (at) mlwtelecom (dot) com

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New WoW Mists of Pandaria Dailies and Events Guide Helps Players Reach...

(PRWEB) October 03, 2012

Once players reach level 90 in World of Warcraft, one of the most popular activities (especially when playing solo) is the completion of daily quests.

Daily quests are one aspect of World of Warcraft familiar to all players. Whether they are casual or hardcore, poor or rich, a PvPer or a Raider, all players have to do at least some daily quests in order to unlock enchants for their shoulders.

However, there is more to it than just earning new enchants. Completion of hundreds if not thousands of daily quests are also necessary in order to unlock achievements and earn other useful items like mounts, pets, and new recipes.

The problem most players have with daily quests is that they can be downright boring. For the first week or two of a new expansion they can be entertaining, but players tend to get bored after completing the same quest for the fiftieth time.

Dugi's Ultimate WoW Guide seeks to change this with their Mists of Pandaria update to their Dailies and Events guide. This guide is based on Dugi's famous leveling software that directs players to NPCs for quest pick-up, to objectives to complete the quest, and then back to the NPCs for completion. The Dailies and Events guide uses this same software but updates the path for dailies and events.

With this guide, players will be able to turn it on for a specific faction or just to earn gold through the completion of daily quests. Upon doing that, the guide directs players to the rest. Early reviews of this software guide are favorable.

In addition to helping players out with daily quests, this new guide also helps players with WoW Mists of Pandaria events such as Hallow's End. Players who want to get back to dungeons or PvP can use Dugi's Guide for events in order to unlock extra achievements in a short amount of time.

More details at Strategy Guides HQ.

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Neverblue Offers Payoneer Payment Option

Victoria, BC (PRWEB) October 01, 2012

Neverblue, a premier digital marketing services company located in Victoria, British Columbia, announced today that it has joined with Payoneer®, Inc. (“Payoneer”)’ an industry-leading global payments company, to offer its partners another option for making electronic payments.

The collaboration between Neverblue and Payoneer brings together one of the world’s largest performance network with a global leader in electronic payments. Neverblue provides a platform of leading international Cost Per Action (CPA), Cost Per Impression (CPI) and Cost Per Sale, (CPS) campaigns, and Payoneer offers –fast, secure and cost-effective payments for, publishers and advertisers worldwide.

“We are delighted to join forces with Payoneer,” said Bjorn Hougaard, Vice President of Network Distribution at Neverblue. “Payoneer’s prepaid solution supports transactions at points of sale and ATMs in over 200 countries. This will allow our partners to take advantage of the benefits such as speed, security and simplicity of their transactions.” Hougaard went on to add, “Neverblue has had 180% year-over-year growth rate in Europe since opening our offices in London in May of this year, and we see the partnership with Payoneer a key part in accelerating further growth in the International markets.”

“With this partnership, Neverblue’s affiliates will have fast and easy, yet secure, access to highly liquid funds that they will then be able to invest right back in to their businesses, wherever they are in the world,” addsYuval Tal, founder and President of Payoneer.

Recognizing the rapid growth and maturing of the affiliate marketing industry in Russia, Neverblue and Payoneer will attend Affdays – Russian Affiliate Days, in Moscow on October 4-5, 2012, and will co-sponsor an evening event at the show.

About Neverblue
Part of the GlobalWide Media family, Neverblue harnesses the Internet’s top online and mobile inventory via multiple online marketing channels, including affiliate marketing, display advertising, search engine marketing, social media, mobile and email marketing. Headquartered in Victoria, British Columbia with offices in Los Angeles, London and Hong Kong, Neverblue is a premier digital marketing services company that delivers millions of profitable customers to clients from all over the world, including members of the Fortune 1000™. For more information, visit

About Payoneer
Founded in 2005, Payoneer is an industry-leading global payments company accelerating growth for its customers by improving the way they manage and pay partners, affiliates and independent workers in more than 200 countries worldwide.
Payoneer’s complete solution provides a simple, secure, compliant and cost-effective way for companies of all sizes to offer superior and cost-saving payments options including: Prepaid Debit cards, deposits to local banks worldwide, wire transfers, mobile payments, global and local e-wallets and local-currency paper checks. Venture backed and profitable, Payoneer has served thousands of companies and more than 1.5 million payees around the world. For more information, visit us at

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Angry Yeti: Protect the Endangered Yetis & Have Fun

Calgary, Alberta (PRWEB) October 02, 2012

Brink 3D Studios, has officially put the mobile gaming industry on notice: mobile games that do not offer Angry Yeti’s intriguing gameplay will soon be as outdated as typewriters are today.
The game takes place in the Tibetan mountains where a group of Yetis was out playing. Suddenly, a team of researchers saw the Yetis and captured them. An Angry Yeti, known as Moody, was sleeping nearby and was not captured. Help Moody become a hero and rescue his friends.

The objective of the game is to catch the vehicle that has his friends captured and rescue them, one by one. As Moody rolls he can collect snow and grow in size. Each time the player presses the roll button, the Yeti rolls faster. If the Yeti has become too big and slow, the player can choose to drop some snow off by pressing the relative button. By collecting an animal or an item he gets points; bigger animals, more points.

Angry Yeti is a casual game created with the Unity 3D game engine offering highly polished graphics. The developers incorporated feedback from gamers in Canada and Mexico, thus allowing the creation of a game that is simple to play and offers a repayable experience.
Download Angry Yeti via the Appstore for Apple mobile devices with iOS 3.1.3 or higher and via the Google Play Store for Android mobile devices with Android 2.2 or higher and an armv7 processor.

Brink 3D is a mobile software development company, based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The company was founded in 2012 with the specific goal of creating advanced GIS applications and games for Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8 and the OUYA TV gaming console.

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Brain Training Continues its Global Expansion

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 02, 2012

CogniFit, a leading developer of online brain training and cognitive programs, announces the release of its online brain fitness platform in Brazilian and Portuguese adding two new languages. The CogniFit brain fitness platform is now available in more than 30 geographies in 7 different languages including English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Brazilian and Portuguese consolidating its position as a global leader in the brain fitness industry.

The capacity to assess and train our brain health is one of the most important abilities we possess. In an aging society, a growing number of individuals are looking for solutions to remain cognitively fit. The demand for health and wellness products is also soaring across age groups. Thus, offering a global platform is a key element for a healthy and more productive lifestyle for individuals around the world.

Carlos Rodriguez, Chief Technology Officer at CogniFit, explains: “Our aim is to help individuals across the globe to better understand their current cognitive state and provide them with the tools to improve their brain health and emotional state. Continuing the roll out of the CogniFit platform and brain games to new geographies helps us satisfy that implicit demand. ”

Research has shown that training cognitive abilities can bring valuable benefits to the trainees for a large variety of needs, which may, in turn, be instrumental in improving quality of life. For example, people with serious cognitive deficit have a tendency to procrastinate at work, be less optimistic and feel less confident. They may experience stress, anxiety and depression as a result of their inability to perform satisfactorily.

The CogniFit brain fitness platform assesses and trains a wide selection of cognitive abilities such as short-term memory, eye-hand coordination and focus. The platform is free to use and users can add specific applications to their training for as low as $4.99.

About CogniFit

CogniFit is a leading developer of online cognitive programs that enable people to discover and improve themselves.

Founded in 1999, CogniFit has developed a unique and patented technology that allows consumers to assess and train their cognitive skills and abilities to improve their quality of life. CogniFit is headquartered in New York City with branches in Spain and Israel.

For additional information or interviews inquiries, contact the PR department at media(at)cognifit(dot)com

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Call of Cthulhu Playing Cards Break Records to Become Most Funded Deck...

Austin, TX (PRWEB) October 02, 2012

Most KickStarter campaigns have a minimum 30-day campaign period - but what does a tabletop game publisher do when their product sells out half way through the campaign? Albino Dragon, the company behind the Call of Cthulhu Bicycle playing cards, had to think fast when their product did just that after a viral campaign launch and quickly became the highest funded playing card deck in KickStarter history.

The KickStarter campaign for the Cthulhu card deck, featuring 100% custom artwork from Shane Tyree (Catalyst Game Labs, Wizards of the Coast, Fantasy Flight Games, Alderac Entertainment Group, Ace of Spies, and Genegrafter), was launched on September 13th with a goal of $7,500.

Within the first week they hit, and exceeded, their target funding.

By September 20th they were sold out of the limited edition green-backed decks as well as the stretch-reward dice that were offered. Likewise, the campaign raised more than $25,000 by the 21st. With several weeks remaining, and no more decks to offer, Albino Dragon opted to increase the offering.

"We didn't want to devalue the original deck for those collectors who pledged, but we also wanted to continue to reward people who pledged and had a desire to support the project. Shane and I opted to create an alternate deck with a red back and new design that would be an unlimited version. This allowed us to continue to provide the Call of Cthulhu cards to our backers." stated Erik Dahlman, CEO of Albino Dragon.

Additional stretch rewards added include custom dice, art prints, uncut card sheets and 5 high-quality collectible ceramic poker chip designs featuring the likeness of beings from the Cthulhu mythos.

"What's poker without chips? If you're gonna play poker with Cthulhu, you go all in.", stated Dahlman.

The Cthulhu playing cards have already brought in more than $62,000 from over 1,600 backers, earning the title of the most funded playing card deck on KickStarter.
What's next for Albino Dragon?

Erik Dahlman provided a peek. "Shane and I both love cyberpunk; we're looking forward to transforming all the things that embody postmodern sci-fi into an official Bicycle deck. With Shane's talent we can create some amazing custom playing cards that really show off the 'high tech and low life' feel of cyberpunk."

To find out more about the Cthulhu playing cards and to get in on the rewards before the campaign closes, visit the KickStarter page or visit the Albino Dragon company site to learn more about Cthulhu and other exciting product releases to come

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Best WoW MoP Monk Leveling Guide Provided by New Guide

(PRWEB) October 02, 2012

With the recent release of WoW's new expansion, Mists of Pandaria, the new Monk class is now a choice for players. Not only are players eager to try out the Monk class, but they are also striving to be among the first players to bring a Monk to 90 so they can start playing with their friends and guildmates.

In order to reach level 90 quickly so that they can participate in raids and PvP, many players have turned to Dugi's Ultimate WoW Guide, which has just released its Mists of Pandaria update. The legendary software guide is now up to date for players who want to level Monks as well as for those just going from level 85 to 90.

What makes Dugi's Guide so popular amongst players? This particular guide is more popular than traditional text-based guides since it is software rather than a book. Instead of tabbing back and forth between the game and text-based guides, players who install Dugi's Ultimate WoW Guide get an add-on based strategy guide that is displayed in the World of Warcraft client. This technology makes Dugi's Guide among the most popular and effective World of Warcraft guides.

In particular, Dugi's Guide has remained one of the most popular WoW guides because it uses a GPS system where an arrow appears on screen and directs players to their next target. It automatically calculates the fastest leveling path and points players to the most efficient next action, whether that be picking up a quest item, fighting an enemy, or even picking up new quests or turning others in.

While Dugi's Ultimate WoW Guide is not the only software-based World of Warcraft guide, its difficulty level setting is what separates it from the pack. Players who are not starting out fresh and have a lot of heirloom items can set the difficulty to "hard". Dugi's Guide then directs players to a more difficult but faster questing route that new players would be unable to complete.

More details available at Strategy Guides HQ.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

SPEADI Launches Mobile Shopping App in Nashville

Nashville, TN (PRWEB) October 01, 2012

SPEADI (, a leading provider of fun and innovative mobile technology that connects local business with their clients, is launching their Mobile App to the Nashville Community during the month of October.

SPEADI provides local businesses (called Sponsors) a way to engage local SPEADI users (called Runners) with a fun and exciting integration of mobile technology. Unlike typical electronic promotions, SPEADI Runners are alerted to special deals on their mobile phone and get to engage in a race against other runners to take advantage of special offers published by local retailers.

“Local businesses have the ability to build a loyalty program as well as reach new clients while delivering promotions in a way that engages customers in a race to get the best deal,” said Camilla Denison, CEO of SPEADI. “Many consumers love to find that special deal, especially in these economically challenging times, now Nashville businesses have the ability to instantly launch campaigns (referred to as Runs), reach thousands of local SPEADI Runners and shape demand when they want to,” said Denison.

The SPEADI promotion will kick off on October 1st with local retailers offering amazing deals for Runners who have installed the free application on their iPhone or Android. Smartphone users who do not have the app can download it at no cost from In addition to the spectacular deals local businesses will be offering this month, SPEADI will be running additional contests with all kinds of prizes and promotions.

Local Nashville Retailers who have not signed up yet still have time to participate by contacting Tom Kiermaier at (615) 429-3118 or visit the website at

About SPEADI - Where Everybody Wins!

SPEADI is a mobile advertising company regionally headquartered in Nashville, TN with corporate offices in Hopewell, NJ. SPEADI allows local businesses and consumers to connect for last minute deals in real time. Business owners use SPEADI to announce deals to customers close by whenever they want. Consumers get real-time deals announced on their smart phone or on demand when deals match their profile. If they want the Deal, they have to run, as the number of deals available are limited and the first person to check in is the winner. SPEADI creates the sizzle to win using the mechanisms of gamification and micro celebrity– think of it as creating Black Friday runs any time.

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Educational World Design Team Moves from Virtual Office to Brick and...

Burnaby, B.C. (PRWEB) September 28, 2012

On the heels of signing major distributorship deals for its English Second Language immersion program for young children in Asia, Cackleberries has opened its new North American headquarters in Burnaby, British Columbia.

The North American division of the company—which handles development, programming, curriculum, and animation for their virtual world and virtual ESL school as well as all product design and development—has been working remotely for a long time. The team, which is used to holding its daily meetings via Skype chat, is thrilled to have a brand new 3,700 square foot office to call home.

One of the company’s game designers, Chris Worboys, said, “I am always amazed at the creativity that flows when a group of people work on something they are passionate about. On my first day in the new office I could feel that passion!”

When asked what she thinks about the new headquarters, Cackleberries CEO, Eronne Foster, said, “It’s been a long time coming and I’m so grateful to have such a great team who has been able to produce great products remotely. And, I have my own office now and I’m going to be there every day to support the team as we continue to build Oville and the new Math School.”

Until midnight September 30th, anyone who signs up for a free membership to will receive a free copy of Different and the Same, an early reader Kindle picture book featuring Cackleberries’ Variety International ambassador “Charitee.” is a children’s edutainment (entertainment and education) company offering a website, animation, toys, games, music and more. Most importantly Cackleberries introduces young children, three to seven, to online education with a dedication to keeping them safe. Cackleberries protects children from the internet with the latest technology, provides family-friendly content, and never advertises to children. The living virtual world of Oville is a place for children to learn and play in a guaranteed safe environment.

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Monday, October 22, 2012

New WoW Mists of Pandaria Pandaren Leveling Guide Now Available

(PRWEB) September 30, 2012

Thinking about leveling up a Pandaren but are holding back because of the long trip from levels 1-90? An update to the renowned Dugi's Ultimate WoW Guide promises to change that by providing players with the fastest route from levels 1-90, including the new Mists of Pandaria areas.

Dugi's Ultimate WoW Guide is a software program that players install on their computer. Upon installation, it automatically appears in the player's add-ons section once you log into World of Warcraft. It then provides you with a custom in-game leveling interface that shows players exactly where to go in-game to level up quickly and easily.

The questing interface works by placing a GPS-like system on the player's screen, telling them which NPCs to talk to, when to pick up new quests, when to complete quests, and where to go and what to do for each quest they pick up.

The results from Dugi's Ultimate WoW Guide are quite impressive. Players have been able to move from level 1 to 85 in under 4 days of playtime when using the guide, and with the new release of the level 90 guide, players will be able to reach level 90 in not much longer.

With the new Dugi's Guide update, players can also explore the new Pandaria low-level areas as they level up their character before rejoining the major questing areas of Azeroth. This gives would-be Pandaren not only the fastest leveling path to 90, but also provides them with the opportunity to experience all the new content.

If you are thinking about leveling up a Pandaren, Dugi's Ultimate WoW Guide will certainly make it a lot easier.

More details at Strategy Guides HQ.

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Novel Games Now Supports 7 More Languages in Game Licensing

Hong Kong (PRWEB) September 30, 2012

Novel Games, the world's leading developer of licensable games, is now making the licensing even more approachable. The company has announced that 52 of their Single Player Games are now available for license in French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish languages. In addition to English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese, the total number of supported languages in Novel Games' licensing offers is now increased to 10.

Game licenses in Arabic and Indian will also be available in the coming future. It is the plan of Novel Games that all of their existing and new games support all 12 languages - and possibly more - for license.

"It is definitely friendlier and more entertaining to play games in your own language," said Peter Lee, CEO of Novel Games. "We are proud to be the one and only game developer in the world to offer game licenses in many different languages." The company's position as the global leader in game licensing, according to Lee, will be further strengthened through the development of this feature.

The Game Licensing currently offered by Novel Games is available in two types: 1) licensing the Flash source codes, and 2) licensing the Flash SWF file. Licensing the Flash source codes gives full flexibility in customization and all you need to possess is the basic knowledge of Flash. A customization manual will also be provided for easy configuration. If you simply like to put the games into your websites, licensing the Flash SWF files will be the best choice. The games will be branded with your own logo at zero extra cost and there will be no references to Novel Games. For more information and to place your order, visit

# # #

About Novel Games:

Novel Games is the world's leading developer of licensable games. Since 2001, Novel Games has been developing and marketing family friendly games of a wide range of categories. It now offers more than 340 Single Player and Multi Player games for online entertainment, with new games being added every month.

Contact: Peter Lee, enquiry(at)novelgames(dot)com
Postal Address: Novel Games Limited, Unit 532B, Core Building 2, No.1 Science Park West Avenue, Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong
Phone: (852) 27860761
Fax: (852) 27860771

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

First Hopping Ball Game 'Sit & Bounce - Bavaria' Now...

Eschwege (PRWEB) October 03, 2012

In this game users play a true Bavarian called ‘Sepp’ who bounces on a hopping ball and tries to serve his dachshund ‘Waldi’ as many beer mugs, knuckles of pork and roasted chickens as possible.

'Sit & Bounce - Bavaria' offers many hours of gaming fun with forty exciting levels in Bavarian beer gardens and in the Alps. The user must bounce from platform to platform, evade needle orbs, get across moving obstacles and collect Bavarian delicacies for ‘Waldi’.

When the player has enough bonus points, he gets a 'Heli-Pack’ with a small propeller. With the ‘Heli-Pack‘ strapped to his back, 'Sepp’ can now fly through Bavaria.

Thomas Kowalski on the idea and development of the game: “I remember the time between the 70s and 90s when kids used to bounce through streets and front yards on a hopping ball. Combining this idea with game characters and delicious delicacies from Bavaria has resulted in 40 exciting gaming levels. After 28 years of software development, I have never had more fun working on a project than I did with 'Sit & Bounce - Bavaria'.

'Sit & Bounce - Bavaria' in Apple's AppStore

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ratrod Studio Inc. Launches Drift Mania Championship 2 on iOS and...

Ottawa, ON (PRWEB) September 28, 2012

Ratrod Studio Inc. proudly announces the arrival of its latest mobile racing game, Drift Mania Championship 2, on iOS and Android. A sequel to the over 10 million player strong Drift Mania franchise, Drift Mania Championship 2 delivers the ultimate drift racing experience with highly addictive gameplay and next generation graphics. Speeding through a series of lifelike raceways, Drift Mania Championship 2 challenges players’ combined driving skills, style, and showmanship in a series of epic racing tournament. Speed, talent, and style, Drift Mania Championship 2 is all about loss of the rear wheel traction while keeping the race car in total control.

Developed in collaboration with DMCC, the only professional drifting series in Canada, and officially sponsored by NOS Energy Drink, Drift Mania Championship 2 tests players’ drifting expertise against the four main criteria of speed, line, angle, and impact. Players can qualify on the podium to unlock different circuits and cars and upgrade their ride by installing aftermarket performance products from licensed brands including Royal Purple, K&N, Magnaflow, Centerforce, Whiteline and Mishimoto. Featuring a soundtrack from A’n’R Music Limited that includes songs from Templeton Pek and KNGDMS, players can also listen to songs from their own music library as they take the lead and cross the finish line.

“With millions of players worldwide, we received tons of feedback and suggestions over the past two years. We listened to all our fans and took everything in consideration when designing this sequel. After a year of development, we are now back with the ultimate drift game available for any gaming platform,” says Ratrod Studio’s President Pat Toulouse.

Drift Mania Championship 2 is available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch on the iTunes App Store for $1.99 at:

Drift Mania Championship 2 for Android is available on Google Play for $1.99 at:

A Windows 8 Store App version will also be available by the end of October.

Drift Mania Championship 2 Features:

More details about Drift Mania Championship 2 can be found on the official website at



About DMCC
Drift Mania’s mission is to promote drifting to people who are passionate about racing, extreme sports and modified cars. In the safest of environments, Drift Mania aims to provide fans with an amazing experience showcasing the best drifters fighting for the title of Drift Mania Champion. The popularity of the sport is experiencing growth like no other sport in the world.

About Ratrod Studio Inc.
Ratrod Studio Inc. develops video games for mobile devices including iPhone, Android, handheld devices, game consoles and personal computers. With the mobile gaming space constantly expanding, Ratrod Studio has already reached over 15 million users for their games across all platforms. Ratrod recently moved their company headquarters to a new office space located in Gatineau, Quebec earlier this year. Due to a large demand, the company is already planning to open a second studio in the upcoming months. Ratrod Interactive will focus exclusively on client-based video game development and provide multi-platform solutions for both the entertainment and advertising fields.

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Mobile Game LetterSchool Breaks into Top 10 on iTunes iPad Education...

Amsterdam, the Netherlands ( (PRWEB) September 28, 2012

This week, the educational app LetterSchool snagged a position in the top 10 on the American and Canadian iTunes iPad Education charts. In the Netherlands, the Dutch version has held a steady position in the top five since the software’s launch in March. LetterSchool has also reached the top 10 in Belgium and Egypt, and the app is steadily approaching this magical boundary in other countries. Strikingly, the writing app for children is also regularly keeping Angry Birds company in the overall top 100 Paid Apps in several countries. (LetterSchool chart summaries:; Dutch version:

LetterSchool’s enviable position among the App Store’s top 10 is reason to celebrate for Boreaal Publishers, the Dutch company behind the app. Reaching the top in several countries is an impressive achievement for this tiny newcomer to the apps market, particularly since the App Store is overcrowded with alphabet and tracing apps. Despite the plentiful competition, LetterSchool’s creators felt they had something valuable to add, and in doing so hoped to raise the bar for this type of app. It seems they’ve succeeded: the continuous highly positive response from parents and teachers underscores LetterSchool’s important role as an innovator in handwriting instruction.

LetterSchool lets kids have fun while they practice the complex skills of handwriting. The method’s educational value is strongly appreciated by parents, teachers and therapists. The handwriting app have has already been introduced into many homes, schools and therapy practices all over the world. LetterSchool’s wide variety of games captures the attention and keeps players practicing their letters and numbers, over and over again. That probably explains the app’s success, despite the fact that handwriting isn’t exactly a trendy subject. By spending $2.99 on LetterSchool, schools not only save money on expensive handwriting methods and software, but also on precious teaching time. A list of the app’s awards and experts’ reviews is available at

LetterSchool competes with advanced mobile games, boasting high-quality graphics, effects and animations at a level rarely seen in apps for young children. In order to make LetterSchool a rock-solid piece of software, the makers didn’t just rely on their own experience in education, software development and computer graphics—little experts tested the app thoroughly. LetterSchool is a universal application for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

—Install the free lite version of LetterSchool which will allow you to reach the gold level and test-drive the free-form writing game more quickly. Reporters can also request a promotional code for the full version. Feel free to ask for our media kit containing high-resolution artwork on the contact page of our website.

LetterSchool website:

LetterSchool video:

iTunes, LetterSchool:

iTunes, LetterSchool Lite:

Overview of awards and reviews:

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Jabra Releases First Unified Communications Headset With Rubidium...

Raanana, Israel (PRWEB) October 01, 2012

Rubidium Ltd, a global supplier of embedded speech processing technologies, announced today that the first Jabra Unified Communications Headset with Rubidium inside has been released by Jabra. The Jabra SUPREMETM UC is a truly plug and play Bluetooth® headset for the business and enterprise market, offering superior user interface through the use of Rubidium's ASR/TTS technology. With variants certified for all major Unified Communications applications (like Microsoft Lync, Cisco, , Avaya, Skype™ and others), the Jabra SUPREME UC provides users with a flawless hands free experience regardless of the type of call or communications software they use.

Rubidium has been a recognized innovator in embedded speech processing technology for domestic appliances and consumer applications since 1995, with a global install base exceeding 30 million products. Rubidium's multilingual voice user interface solutions, from low-cost chips and modules to embedded software, include compelling solutions such as Text-to-Speech (TTS), Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), speech compression and playback (e.g. speech storage, transmission and retrieval) as well as biometric speaker verification.
Jabra, continues to build on its poisition as one of the world’s leading and fastest growing suppliers of hands free communications solutions. Jabra develops, manufactures and markets a broad range of Bluetooth® enabled wireless headsets. Adding Rubidium’s TTS, ASR and compressed speech technology further expands Jabra’s market leadership with the support of cutting edge features.

“Our relationship with Jabra continues to grow and prosper. The latest release of a unified communications product sets the pace for future developments,” says Shlomo Peller, CEO of Rubidium. “While Jabra provides the UC environment, Rubidium increases the user's productivity by enabling voice control and hands free manipulation of the device. Rubidium’s technology frees the user up to keep both hands on the wheel or on the keyboard.”

“As the workforce continues to move towards mobility, both inside and outside of the office, Jabra is focusing on making communication on the go as productive and seamless as possible,” says Leo Larsen, CTO of Jabra. “The Rubidium speech interface lets Jabra offer mobile worker products that are friendly and intuitive to use, wherever, and however, they please.”

The Jabra Supreme UC is currently available with various retailers and online stores.

About Rubidium Ltd.
Rubidium’s speech technology offering covers the entire scope of a voice dialogue system: input, output and interaction. Rubidium is continuously innovating industry leading speech processing solutions for embedded applications, such as TTS, ASR, Speech Compression and Biometric Speaker Verification. Rubidium helps OEMs & ODMs provide customers with a hands-free, highly productive user experience. Rubidium's low cost, small footprint, multi-lingual speech processing solutions enable consumer product developers to get their products to market as fast as possible. Visit @RubidiumLtd on Twitter and YouTube and also at

About Jabra
Jabra is the brand of GN Netcom, a subsidiary of GN Store Nord A/S (GN). Jabra employs approximately 850 people worldwide and in 2011 produced an annual revenue which amounted to DKK 2,106 million. Jabra is a world leader in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of a broad range of hands-free communications solutions. With a reputation for innovation, reliability, and ease of use that goes back more than two decades, Jabra’s consumer and business divisions produce corded and wireless headsets, plus mobile and in-office speakerphones that empower individuals and businesses through increased freedom of movement, comfort, and functionality.

All other trademarks included herein are the property of their respective owners.

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Regis Company Wins Gold Award Two Years Running

Denver, CO (PRWEB) September 27, 2012

The Regis Company, the trailblazer in leadership development simulations, wins a Gold Award for an interactive simulation: Air Command and Staff College (ACSC) Joint Planning for International and Multinational Operations.

“We are thrilled that The Regis Company and ACSC is receiving acknowledgement for excellence in this very meaningful professional military educational program to develop critical thinking skills for the Air Force,” said Kathy Kittelsen, managing director. “Rather than the typical e-learning, click through approach to professional military education in a distance learning environment, this experience provides real-life mission scenarios in which students apply Joint Planning concepts.”

About The Regis Company (formerly Regis Learning Solutions)
The Regis Company is a leadership consulting firm dedicated to developing great thinkers and leaders through the use of immersive simulations. Regis assists clients by helping them recognize the complex and underlying interrelationships of organizations as systems. This new way of thinking comes from applying system dynamics, in conjunction with critical and creative thinking. The advanced approach adeptly addresses client organizations’ most difficult problems, while advances leadership decision-making skills.

The Regis Company is headquartered in Golden, CO and serves both government and corporate clients wherever their leaders work across the globe. For more information about The Regis Company go to, or call 1.303.526.3005, ext. 111.

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New York Artist PESU and SLAPPA Seek Public Opinion to Create the New...

Charlotte, NC (PRWEB) September 30, 2012

Sometimes when faced with design choices it’s better to get the opinion of the public. This is the case at SLAPPA today. SLAPPA makes shoulder bags, sleeves and backpacks designed for laptops, the popular Transit Messenger bag offers customers the opportunity to have one bag with multiple flaps that zip on and off and new flap designs are needed to meet demand.

The library of images from New York street artist PESU is large so SLAPPA narrowed the selection down and decided to let the public decide which ones should be placed into production. Anyone can vote on the designs at and be entered to win a Transit Messenger bag and set of 5 flaps. Voting started on September 14th and will end on October 22, 2012.

SLAPPA introduced the Transit Messenger Bag made especially for laptops in early August of this year and the bag is already a big hit.

Yushi Naito a.k.a. PESU started his career as a graffiti artist in his home town of Shizuoka located near Mt.Fuji. As a young adult he relocated to Tokyo and continued his work as an artist. Moving to the United States in 2001 PESU spent 3 years in California, where he focused on school, painting and experiencing nature. In 2004 PESU decided to relocate to New York City, since doing so he has had many achievements including winning the Art Battle competition on 3 occasions, appearing on MTV, and working with high profile brands such as NIKE iD, COACH, Lacoste, Anvil, J.Crew and more.

PESU can be seen painting live at Freedom Dance Party in New York City every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month and his work can be viewed at Several restaurants in New York City feature PESU artwork and murals including the private members only Bohemian, J’s Bar at 137 E. 45th, Club ViVi at 248 E.52nd and Mannahatta at 310 Bowery.

The Transit Messenger bag is roomy, and offers a dedicated laptop compartment that easily fits laptops up to 17 inches. The laptop compartment is accessed at the back of the bag, no need to lift a flap to access your computer, and features super-cush foam protection on both sides of the compartment. The laptop is protected from outside elements and gear stored inside too.

Established in 2002, SLAPPA Distribution, LLC engineers, manufactures and distributes innovative products, offering the highest quality backpacks, laptop bags, sleeves and specialty cases for CD and DVD collectors, DJ’s, Pro Audio users, Gamers and photographers. SLAPPA has earned a reputation for offering dependable, quality products with unparalleled performance. The company has been recognized for its excellence by leading consumer publications and sites, both in the U.S. and abroad. SLAPPA products are currently available in 14 countries around the world. SLAPPA, LLC continues to actively expand its domestic and international presence with new and innovative products.

For more information on SLAPPA products including purchases, distribution and our affiliate program please visit

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

MoZeus Worldwide Partners with Medium Blue Search Engine Marketing to...

Atlanta, Ga. (PRWEB) October 01, 2012

MoZeus Worldwide, an Atlanta-based mobile marketing and content management software company, recently partnered with Medium Blue Search Engine Marketing, a search engine optimization company, to launch an advanced SEO campaign that will highlight the firm's cost-effective, cutting-edge SMART Activator application.

The SMART Activator is a state-of-the-art mobile application that allows clients to bundle a "toolbox" of popular marketing applications onto tablets and smartphones for real-time data collection from target demographics. Event marketing applications include customizable photo and video marketing, instant win games, social media marketing, augmented reality and fully-customizable dashboards. MoZeus Worldwide has engaged in numerous successful campaigns for a variety of clients, including the AARP, Coca-Cola, Verizon, COVERGIRL and AT&T. Recently, MoZeus Worldwide hired Medium Blue to launch a comprehensive search engine marketing campaign to increase the online visibility of its website.

As part of the internet marketing campaign, Medium Blue will engage in sophisticated optimization strategies to highlight the SMART Activator's innovative applications and customizable data collection capabilities. Medium Blue will also work with MoZeus Worldwide to improve the website's user engagement, utilizing advanced conversion principles to increase the number and quality of visitors engaging with the content management software company.

"MoZeus Worldwide is excited to work with Medium Blue on a search engine marketing campaign that emphasizes the SMART Activator's capabilities," said Charles Jones, Chief Operating Officer of MoZeus Worldwide. "We constantly strive to enhance its extensive array of real-time applications – we recently launched an iOS app version of the SMART Activator, and we celebrated our benchmark of over 200 partnerships with license holders in April 2012. We're thrilled to make the SMART Activator more readily available to brands that require our digital 'toolbox' of applications to achieve data collection goals."

"We are pleased to partner with MoZeus Worldwide, a company well-known for improving user engagement, enhancing brand messaging and continuously innovating its existing products and services," said Scott Buresh, CEO and founder of Medium Blue Search Engine Marketing. "We look forward to delivering an advanced internet marketing program to expand MoZeus Worldwide's online visibility and increase its client base."

To learn more about MoZeus Worldwide's content management software or to learn more about the SMART Activator, visit or call 1-888-YMOZEUS (966-9387). For more information about Medium Blue's comprehensive search engine marketing strategies or to learn about the internet marketing firm's service offerings, visit

About MoZeus Worldwide
Headquartered in Atlanta, Ga., MoZeus Worldwide is a next generation mobile marketing and content management software company. Its SMART Activator application, the most-used event marketing application in the world, provides a comprehensive "toolbox" of innovative, cost-efficient experiential marketing platforms and mobile applications in one cutting-edge bundle that utilizes smartphones, Facebook, email and photo/video sharing to provide real-time consumer results. To date, MoZeus Worldwide has worked with more than 200 brands, agencies and sports properties for more than 100,000 event days, which has resulted in 10 million unique leads and 30 million survey questions answered. Notable clients and properties that utilize MoZeus Worldwide's technologies include Ford, Verizon, Coca-Cola, Comcast, AT&T, Beam Global, Kraft, Starbucks, Nissan and Harley Davidson, among many others. For more information, please call 1-888-YMOZEUS (966-9387) or visit

About Medium Blue
With more than ten years of experience, Medium Blue provides search engine optimization, website conversion, pay-per-click management, and online public relations services. The company's experts in these areas are recognized leaders in the search engine marketing industry, are routinely featured in numerous publications, and are frequently honored with several industry awards, including a 2010 American Marketing Association award. Recently named the number one search engine optimization firm in the world by respected industry resource PromotionWorld, the Atlanta-based SEO firm services a local and international client base.


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Blendamaze Painting and Puzzle Game Launches on Apple’s App Store

Palo Alto, CA (PRWEB) September 28, 2012

BorderLeap, an independent Virginia-based game studio, is pleased to announce the launch of Blendamaze, a game developed with Corona SDK, and now available on Apple’s App Store. Blendamaze brings a unique, innovative twist to the classic labyrinth game, as a marble becomes your virtual paintbrush and is used to blend colors and solve challenging puzzles.

The core objective is simple, but as the game progresses through over 100 levels covering primary, secondary and tertiary colors, gameplay becomes more challenging. Put your color theory skills to the test as you navigate your marble around intricately-designed levels, correctly blending paint colors. Blendamaze provides an original blend of play and learning, and is enjoyable for adults and children alike.

Developed in just seven months, Blendamaze was built with Corona SDK, the leading cross-platform mobile development framework. Over 150,000 developers worldwide use Corona SDK to create high quality apps, games and eBooks from a single codebase, for iOS, Android, Nook, and Kindle Fire devices.

“Corona SDK has been the ideal platform for building Blendamaze,” said Nate Dicken, creator of Blendamaze. “It’s enabled me to really focus on the design of the game and tap into the powerful APIs available. I’ve been able to build a polished experience for iPhone/iPod to start, and can quickly deploy new versions of the game to the iPad, Nook, and Kindle, thanks to Corona SDK’s cross-platform capabilities.”

“Our roots lie in the indie developer community. We’re very pleased that Corona SDK could play a role in turning the Blendamaze concept into a reality,” said David Rangel, COO of Corona Labs. “Apps built with Corona have a solid track record of success and we hope Blendamaze follows in the footsteps of blockbusters such as The Lost City, Blast Monkeys and Bubble Ball.”

Blendamaze is available for $0.99 on the App Store for iPod and iPhone. A free and unlimited trial of Corona SDK is also available for download for cross-platform mobile development. Blendamaze can be followed at and

About BorderLeap
BorderLeap is an independent, one-man game studio founded by Nate Dicken, operating out of Christiansburg, Virginia. Nate has been a web designer, developer and Flash game developer for over 14 years.

About Corona Labs
Corona Labs Inc. is a venture-backed mobile software company based in Palo Alto, CA. Corona Labs’ marquee product, the award-winning Corona SDK, democratizes app development by empowering developers, from independents to large studios, to create cross-platform applications, games and eBooks for iOS™, Android™, Kindle Fire®, and Nook™. Boasting a community of over 150,000 developers worldwide, apps built with Corona have been downloaded more than 60 million times within the last year alone.    

*All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Copyright (C) 2012 BorderLeap, LLC.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

JibJab Brothers Introduce StoryBots – An Evolution in Fun and Learning...

Venice Beach, CA (PRWEB) September 27, 2012

Brothers Evan and Gregg Spiridellis, Internet pioneers and co-creators of one of the web’s most recognized brands, JibJab, today announced the launch of their latest digital venture: StoryBots™, a multi-platform entertainment property for kids and parents.

The StoryBots are brightly colored, infinitely curious little creatures who live in the world beneath our screens (iPhones, iPads, computers, televisions). Their mission is to make learning fun for kids – and life easier for parents – by offering personalized eBooks, videos, activity sheets and more.

“We see how technology is radically changing the way kids engage with content in our own homes,” said the Spiridellis brothers. “Our kids don't watch TV. They watch Netflix on the iPad. We’re fired up to use technology not only to distribute children’s entertainment, but to reinvent the storytelling formats themselves.”

One of the ways the Spiridellis brothers are reinventing storytelling is with personalization. With a few clicks, taps or swipes, parents can upload a photo of their child and insert him or her into the center of the action, alongside the StoryBots, using the company’s Starring You® technology.

StoryBots Starring You StoryBook s is a free iPad app that enables parents to create personalized, animated eBooks that include their child’s name and face in the stories. Since it was introduced last year, Starring You StoryBooks has consistently been a Top 10 Grossing Book App on the iPad. The app comes with one free book, and parents can sign up to receive a new book every month for just $3.99. They can buy additional titles for just $1.99 each. Today, there are 18 books available with themes ranging from giant pizza and circus escapades to trucks and princesses.

StoryBots Starring You Band is a free video series on the web that allows parents to insert their kids directly into music videos and jam out alongside the StoryBots. Together, the child and the StoryBots sing and dance to a series of jazzed-up classic children’s songs. There are 4 free videos available today with a new video scheduled each month.

In addition to Starring You® entertainment, parents will find much more available at designed to make learning fun for the 2 to 6 year olds in their lives.

The StoryBots ABC Jamboree is a collection of 26 one-minute, foot-tapping music videos designed to help kids recognize the sounds and shapes of the letters of the alphabet. Parents too will appreciate the fun, hip take on these songs, and can download the MP3s such as “Hooray for A” or “B Is for Boogie”, all of which are free.

The StoryBots Activity Center is a place on where parents can download and print over 100 free coloring, tracing, mazes and word finds to – ironically enough – help get their kids off of the computer and back to the kitchen table with crayons and pencils.

The StoryBots Beep & Boop iPhone app turns learning good behavior into a game kids love, bringing old-school reward chart systems into the 21st century. Parents give kids BEEPs for good behavior and BOOPs as reprimands. Parents can use the app to create goals and prizes to motivate and celebrate their children’s achievements.

“The BEEP & BOOP app is a good example of how we are building products for StoryBots,” said the Spiridellis brothers. “We invented it for our own kids and then released it to the public in March. Since then, grown-ups in 89 countries around the world have given kids 150,000 Beeps and Boops!”

While the Spiridellis brothers are bringing the silliness that made them famous in political circles to the kids’ market, it is more than just fun and game for the brothers -- It’s serious business.

Over the past 13 years, during an era of economic uncertainty, the brothers have grown JibJab from its roots in a Brooklyn garage to a flourishing enterprise with 43 full-time employees in Venice Beach, California.

“Our vision for StoryBots is to build hundreds of products in the coming years that kids will love and parents can feel great about,” said the brothers. “We want StoryBots to be the equivalent of Sesame Street for a connected generation.”

Brothers, Co-Founders, Entrepreneurs, Husbands and Dads, Evan and Gregg Spiridellis are available for interview.

About JibJab
JibJab is in the business of making things that make people laugh. From political satires like THIS LAND, to personalized Starring You® videos like OfficeMax’s ElfYourself, JibJab has been creating world-class online entertainment since 1999. With the audacious goal to make billions of people happy, the company has recently focused its cutting edge creative and production leadership on the children's learning and entertainment market with the launch of StoryBots™. To learn more, visit or

About StoryBots
StoryBots is a new multi-platform personalized educational property for kids! Created by Evan and Gregg Spiridellis, the digital entertainment pioneers who created the global internet craze JibJab, StoryBots are brightly-colored, perpetually positive little creatures who live beneath our screens and make learning fun for kids -- and life easier for parents!

JibJab®, Starring You!®, Beep &Boop™ and StoryBots™ are trademarks of JibJab Media Inc. in the United States and other countries. The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

Genna Rosenberg
genna (at) genncomm (dot) com

Laura Bartlett
laura (at) jibjab (dot) net

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Monday, October 15, 2012

GungHo Online Entertainment America Announces Formation and Inaugural...

MARINA DEL REY, CALIF. (PRWEB) September 27, 2012

GungHo Online Entertainment America, a multiplatform publisher for the online gaming community, today officially announced its company formation and inaugural lineup of six games scheduled for release starting in 2012. Headquartered in Marina Del Rey and led by former industry executive Jun Iwasaki, GungHo Online Entertainment America is the North American division of GungHo Online Entertainment (GOE), a leading Japanese game publisher that is the parent company of esteemed developers Game Arts, Acquire and Gravity. Mr. Iwasaki joins as President and CEO of GungHo Online Entertainment America, whose mission is to find and deliver the best network-oriented console, handheld, mobile, tablet and PC games for players in North America and Europe.

A serial entrepreneur with a passion for bringing the best games to Western audiences, Mr. Iwasaki held executive roles as President and CEO at Square Enix USA and XSEED Games. Throughout his storied career in game publishing, Mr. Iwasaki has exhibited a keen sense for identifying and investing in hit titles. He fully led FINAL FANTASY VII to become the first million-seller title on the PlayStation® computer entertainment system and established the original Kingdom Hearts as another flagship title in North America. He then formed XSEED Games in 2004 to fulfill a vision to create an independent publishing organization focused on bringing over the best IPs from the Asian market. During his time leading XSEED Games, he negotiated and secured over 50 high-quality games, including The Last Story, The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, the Ys series, and Fragile Dreams.

With GungHo Online Entertainment America, Mr. Iwasaki will use his expertise in international partnerships to strategically secure and launch key titles from the GOE-owned studios Game Arts, Gravity and Acquire, as well as from external developers in Japan and elsewhere. Mr. Iwasaki will accomplish this by utilizing his ability to source unique and highly sought after titles that cater to the US market’s appetite for global games. GungHo Online Entertainment America will also leverage the advanced online technology and customer support infrastructure of Gravity Interactive as it builds a community of online gamers in the US.

“Our quest at GungHo Online Entertainment America is to seek out the best new titles for the rapidly growing community of online gamers, which has always been a passion of mine,” said Jun Iwasaki, President and CEO of GungHo Online Entertainment America. “Our inaugural lineup reflects a strong portfolio of network-oriented games from skilled developers such as Game Arts with plans for more to be announced in the coming months.”

GungHo Online Entertainment America will publish a series of diverse games starting with:
    Dokuro – An innovative action puzzle game for PlayStation®Vita system that uses the front touch screen and rear touch panel to allow players to transform into different forms to play as characters with varying skills and abilities. The game is scheduled for release in October.     Picotto Knights – A social action RPG for PlayStation®Vita system that combines fun ‘beat-em-up’ combat with a revolutionary Ghost system that allows players to form parties by summoning the avatars of friends at any time, even if they are not online. The game is scheduled for release in early 2013.

In addition to North American publishing efforts, GungHo Online Entertainment America will also be publishing titles in Europe including:
    Ragnarok Odyssey – A real-time, action RPG for PlayStation®Vita system based on the popular Ragnarok Online universe. Scheduled for European release later in 2012.

As part of a global organization, GungHo Online Entertainment America will support GOE-branded games including:
    Puzzle & Dragons – An intuitive puzzle RPG for iOS that has topped the list of highest grossing iOS apps in Japan. Scheduled release in November.    Freak Tower – A unique hybrid of tower defense and simulation for iOS and Android where the goal is to build the freakiest tower in town. Invite friends from Facebook and Twitter to move in as tenants in the tower and defend it from evil monsters. Scheduled release in November.    Princess Punt 2 – A zany, cartoon-style action puzzle RPG for iOS and Android where the princess must kick her trusty knights and weapons at target creatures to destroy them. Scheduled release in early 2013.

More information on each of the announced titles will be revealed soon, along with additional new titles from GungHo Online Entertainment America. For more information, visit Fans can also follow on Facebook and Twitter.

About GungHo Online Entertainment America
GungHo Online Entertainment America (GOEA) is a multiplatform publisher dedicated to delivering the best titles, content and support for the online gaming community. Founded in 2012 and led by former Square Enix and XSEED Games executive Jun Iwasaki, GOEA is the US division of GungHo Online Entertainment, an established Japanese publisher. GOEA’s content partners include leading developers Game Arts, Acquire and Gravity, all of which are subsidiaries of GungHo Online Entertainment. GOEA publishes and distributes network-oriented games for console, handheld, mobile, tablet and MMO-style games for PC. Located in Marina Del Rey, California, GungHo America is preparing its inaugural lineup for release in 2012. For more information, visit

To download supporting assets, please visit:
Login: GOEA_media
Password: GungHo!

All trademarks or registered trademarks are property of their respective owners.

Jeane Wong | Kyle McGuire
ONE PR Studio [for GungHo Online Entertainment America]
jeane(at)oneprstudio(dot)com | kyle(at)oneprstudio(dot)com

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Arizona Haunted House “The Nest” Named America’s Scariest Haunted...

Phoenix, Arizona (PRWEB) September 29, 2012, the worldwide Leader in Entertainment News and Personal Dirt with its new DirtBlurb today announced its highly anticipated, “Scariest Haunted House in America.” The editors from took the following into consideration when selecting this year’s winner:: Scare Quotient, Technological Interactivity, Costumes and Makeup, Horror Factor, Safety, Terror Force, Creepiness, and Blood Payoff.

The winner of this year’s Scariest Haunted House In America goes to The Nest Haunted House, located at the Rawhide Entertainment Park in Chandler Arizona. “The Nest” Haunted House, which opened last night scored a 9.93 on Dirt’s Haunted House Rating System, making it the Scariest Haunted House in America. The 50,000 plus square foot haunted house takes visitors through a systematic scare-fest where visitors get stalked by a serial killer named Killer Kell. According to Dirt, it is a chilling and unnerving experience that will cause nightmares for weeks to come.

According to, the technology at the Nest Haunted House is mind blowing, and the startle-factor is the absolute best in the business. Dirt says that “The Nest’s” technology, combined with the actors, props and sets could possibly make this America’s best haunted house ever.

Shari Rock, the Editor if says, “This Haunted House is Crazy. We hear that Haunted House Enthusiasts from all over the country are flying into Phoenix to experience this terror fest. Our Staff had a sneak preview and came back to the office in need of new underwear. Seriously, this is as shocking and fun as it gets.

ABOUT has already been read by people in 178 Countries and brings a new approach to the entertainment landscape by publishing original editorial content whereby readers and writers co-exist by making the site their preferred platform for sharing opinions on News, Gossip and Entertainment. is rapidly becoming a leading worldwide entertainment media brand. covers 30,000 celebrities and has access to the world's largest database of celebrity photos. Team Dirt's dirtarazzi and dirt reporters report on world breaking stories and scandal from Hollywood, L.A. , Malibu, New York, Miami, St. Tropez, St Bartes, Paris, Rio, and London. Dirt polls are not scientific and for entertainment purposes only. has been called the World’s First Citizen News And Opinion Network is in the business of providing digital entertainment to the masses.'s new DirtBlurb offers real time information about people, places and things, and empowers people's decision making through information and online intelligence The company's guiding mission is to become the leading provider of digital entertainment and online intelligence services. The DirtBlurb search platform, recently introduced in Beta, places the power of information in the hands of the consumer. The platform is committed to helping every individual use the Internet to empower themselves to be able to make informed, intelligent decisions regarding their live, the people they know, and the world around them. is lead by Founder and CEO Andy Jacob, and a team of experienced and successful entrepreneurs, technology gurus, and inline visionaries who believe in the power of entertainment, the power of information and power of the people. The team is committed and passionate about making its DirtBlurb the most widely recognized and trafficked people dirt engine on the Internet today. To learn more about the DirtBlurb, visit

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

P4RC Partners with Esoteric Development

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) October 03, 2012

P4RC, Inc. announced today that it has partnered with Esoteric Development to bring “Ski On Neon” and “Box 2 Box” to P4RC’s Social Rewards Network.

“With over 8 million downloads, Esoteric Development is an ideal partner as we continue to scale our network,” said Jason Seldon, Founder and CEO of P4RC. “’Ski On Neon’ and ‘Box 2 Box’ are both amazingly addictive games that will provide many hours of fun for players on P4RC’s network.”

Esoteric Development joins Perfect Dimension, Eye Interactive, Serendipitous Bits, Melesta, Alcomi, DevForFun, Smappsoft, and many more developers on P4RC’s network. P4RC currently has more than two dozen iOS games signed up with a combined user base of over 20 million players.

To download “Ski On Neon,” please visit:

To download “Box 2 Box,” please visit:

About P4RC, Inc.
Founded in 2011, P4RC (pronounced pärk) is an addictive social gaming network for iOS that allows players to compete with their friends and win real prizes from sponsoring brands, leading to an increase in player loyalty, downloads, and duration of gaming sessions for P4RC's partners. To learn more about P4RC, please visit Follow P4RC on Twitter (@p4rcinc) or Facebook (

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Animation Studio Divide Nine Signs with WME

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) October 02, 2012

Animation and interactive studio Divide Nine has signed with WME for representation across all areas.

The Los Angeles-based studio will finance and produce 3D CGI animated feature films, and it already has several animated features in development. The studio also has mobile games and apps, social technology platforms and numerous global interactive products in its pipeline.

"Partnering with WME ensures Divide Nine not only access to talent but also connects with distribution channels for content capitalizing on the dramatic new opportunities emerging from the digital media revolution" said Krishna Divide Nine C.E.O.

Krishna and Lisa Gopala formed Divide Nine in 2008 after successful tenures as executives at companies such as Philips, MySpace, and Cafedirect.

About WME:
Leading entertainment and media company WME represents elite artists from all facets of the industry, including motion pictures, television, music, theatre, publishing and physical production. WME also advises some of the world’s most recognized consumer brands to create entertainment-based marketing solutions and invests in companies across the digital media landscape. WME is headquartered in Beverly Hills with offices in New York, London, Nashville and Miami.

About Divide Nine:
Led by Krishna and Lisa Gopala, Divide Nine is uniquely positioned at the intersection of entertainment, feature animation and social technology. With a team of seasoned, heavy hitting industry execs combined with emerging, fresh talent, Divide Nine is a rapidly growing studio at the heart of LA Technology and Entertainment. For more information visit


For more information:
Christian Muirhead

Jenn Deese

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Applicasa Launches Industry-First, All-In-One Platform For In-App...

APPS WORLD, London, U.K. (PRWEB) October 03, 2012

Applicasa, a startup that offers a one-stop-shop, server-side solution for mobile app developers, announced today from Apps World London the private beta launch of its mobile game management platform that provides developers with simple but powerful tools to increase revenue from their apps. Integrated seamlessly into the company’s backend-as-a-service SDK, the new platform allows developers to set up a virtual store and implement in-app purchases that leverage rich data analytics. Applicasa’s new offering is the only one currently available on the market that combines an in-app purchase tool, data analytics, and a backend-as-a-service in one powerful, turnkey solution.

For a live demo of the new mobile game management platform, interested parties attending Apps World can visit Applicasa at booth #168.    

“Since launching our backend-as-a-service solution in January, we talked to scores of mobile game developers about the tools and functionality they wanted to see next,” stated Lior Malenboim, co-founder and CEO of Applicasa. “Generating revenue is of the utmost concern to game developers across the board, so we’ve created what we believe is the first-of-a-kind platform that helps them do just that. Because it combines in-app purchases, data analytics, and server-side functionality into a single offering, our new platform will benefit apps that require an A to Z solution as well as those that already have in-app purchase capabilities.”

Mobile games are an enormous market, with over 100 million mobile gamers in the U.S. alone, according to international market research firm Newzoo. Yet, like a majority of mobile apps, most gaming apps are free. According to newly released research by Gartner, 89% of the nearly 46 billion worldwide mobile app store downloads this year will be free. Newzoo calculates that 90% of mobile game spending comes from freemium apps, which allow free app downloads but charge a premium for advanced features or virtual goods. Because game developers can’t make money solely from app downloads, they have to explore other avenues of monetization such as in-app purchases. Juniper Research predicts that mobile game developers will bring in roughly $4.6 billion from in-app purchases over the next four years, with Gartner predicting that in-app purchases will drive 41% of app store revenue by 2016.

Although in-app purchases have significant revenue potential, few app developers have the tools, or knowledge of users and their in-game behavior, to create effective, in-app promotions - much less convert casual users into repeat, paying customers. Effective in-app purchase capabilities also remain a significant hurdle for app developers, who often lack a virtual store in their app. As a consequence, mobile game apps often generate little revenue and suffer from a lack of user engagement, ineffective promotions, and poor user retention.

Targeting Promotions through Data Analytics, Generating Revenue through In-App Purchases
Applicasa’s intelligent mobile game management platform enables developers to gather and analyze rich data about user spending and playing behavior, and then segment users based on this information. Users can be segmented based on a wide range of variables including:
    the highest amount spent in one transaction    total purchased    last time played    current balance of virtual currency     total times played    the average time spent playing    location    preferred time of play    inventory    language    levels completed     achievements

In addition to enabling user segmentation, Applicasa’s new platform allows developers to create and manage promotions tailored to each user group and facilitate in-app purchases of virtual goods. Using Applicasa’s solution, developers can drop a few lines of code – or “events” - into their apps that trigger a promotion when users reach a milestone such as a goal, score, etc. Promotions can include such things as deals (e.g. daily discounts or two-for-ones), announcements (i.e. push notifications to give users updates on events or new releases), or rewards of virtual goods or currency. And by enabling in-app purchases of virtual goods, developers can better engage users and optimize revenue return as the game proceeds.

To sign up for Applicasa’s private beta program or watch a demo showcasing the new platform, interested parties can visit As part of its private beta process, Applicasa will give interested developers who sign up early access on a rolling basis.

All-in-One Solution Does Heavy Lifting With In-App Purchases So Developers Don’t Have To

Applicasa’s new platform integrates both in-app purchases and data analytics into its existing server-side mobile app solution, eliminating the need for developers to go through the timely and expensive process of creating a backend for their apps. Instead, developers and game companies can use Applicasa’s platform to quickly and easily build a complete, cloud-connected backend without entering a single line of server code. The end result is that mobile game developers can focus on creating their game engine rather than puzzling through the complexities of in-app purchase, user analytics, or server-side app development.

About Applicasa
Applicasa’s server-side solution for mobile game developers includes an in-app purchase platform that integrates both intelligent promotions and data analytics into its existing backend solution. Through its web-based service, Applicasa provides developers with a rich set of cloud-based features and functionality for their mobile games so they can quickly and easily provide customized offerings and increase in-app purchase revenue. Founded in mid-2011, the company is privately held. For more information, please visit

# # #

Press Contact:
Carmen Hughes
Ignite Public Relations
W: +1.650.227.3280 ext. 101
C: +1.650.576.6444

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Friday, October 12, 2012 Launches iPhone & iPad Apps Showcasing the Top Artists...

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) October 01, 2012 announced the launch of their new iOS apps for iPhone and iPad today, giving entertainment artists in the feature film and video game industries worldwide the opportunity to share their work on the popular mobile platform and gain greater visibility. was founded in 2008 and has grown to become one of the leading entertainment art communities on the internet. CGHUB is home to artists who are employed at companies such as Disney, Dreamworks, Blizzard, and BioWare, and share their personal and professional work with a global community of professional and aspiring artists.

The iPhone app gives users a clean & streamlined way to browse and be inspired by all of the amazing artwork on, allowing you to focus on the art, follow your favorite artists, and share your work and receive feedback from users around the world.

The new apps allow users to interact with friends by giving & receiving likes, faves & comments, keep track of the newest images as they are submitted, and quickly view the most popular images of the day, week, and all time. Users can browse member's galleries, favorites, and add them to your following list. Robust filters let you find exactly the kind of images you are interested in. Fast browsing of high-res images in full screen mode look amazing on iPad & iPhone Retina displays. "It's like we're seeing the artwork again for the first time," said PR coordinator Jennifer Yu.

This is the first version of the app, and there are many new features in development, so expect several updates in the coming weeks & months.

You don't need to be an artist to join and enjoy the incredible work on, fans and anyone who appreciates beautiful imagery are welcome to join and be a part of our growing community.

Available October 1, 2012, users can download the app from Apple's app store by searching for "cghub."

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Gaming Market Reviewed in the Most Recent Transparency Market Research...

London, UK (PRWEB) September 28, 2012

Gaming products enjoy the highest interest around the globe. In the USA, people of different ages, genders and paces of life spent above USD 24.7 billion on video games in 2011. The average age of a video games purchaser in the USA is 41 years. However, around 30 percent of gamers were over 50 years. Over 257 million units of both video and computer game units were sold in 2010 in the country.

The world gaming market was evaluated at USD 71 billion in 2011. It is expected to expand by USD 47 billion by 2016 demonstrating regular annual increases of approximately 14 percent. The largest growth is set to take place in Asia.

New market research report “Gaming Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Growth, Share & Forecast, 2011 – 2015” prepared by Transparency Market Research has been recently published by Market Publishers Ltd.

Report Details:

Title: Gaming Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Growth, Share & Forecast, 2011 – 2015
Published: September, 2012
Pages: 65
Price: US$ 4,395.00

The report draws up an elaborate picture of the gaming market. Detailed description of market trends, its size and analysis, market opportunities, growth drivers and restraints can be found in the report. The research also examines segmentation of the gaming market by type, monetization and revenue generation methods. The study provides valuable data on the gaming market majors, their strategies and latest developments. Besides, company profiles, recommendations and market outlook through 2015 are available.

Report Contents:


1.1. Report Description
1.2. Research Methodology



3.1. Market Trends and Future Outlook
3.2. Global Gaming Market Size and Forecast, 2011 - 2015
3.3. Global Gaming Market Share, 2011 – 2015
3.4. Value Chain Analysis
3.5. Growth Drivers
3.5.1. Growth in Broadband Industry
3.5.2. Efficient Hardware compatibility
3.5.3. Wireless Gaming
3.5.4. Increase in disposable incomes
3.5.5. Technological Advancement
3.5.6. Innovative Pricing model
3.6. Restraints
3.6.1. Maturity of other segments
3.6.2. Frauds
3.6.3. Innovation in Gaming
3.7. Opportunities
3.8. Porter’s Five Force Model
3.8.1. Bargaining power of Supplier
3.8.2. Bargaining power of Buyer
3.8.3. Threat of Substitute
3.8.4. Threat of New Entrant
3.8.5. Rivalry among Competitors
3.9. Gaming Overall Market Segmentation


4.1. Gaming Market Segmentation by Type
4.1.1. Gaming Hardware Market Size, Analysis and Forecast, 2011 - 2015 Video game handheld and accessories Market Trend Analysis Market Size and Forecast. 2011 - 2015 Video game consoles and accessories Market Trend Analysis Market Size and Forecast. 2011 - 2015 Hardware market share Analysis and Forecast, 2011 - 2015
4.1.2. Gaming Software Market Size, Analysis and Forecast, 2011 - 2015 Video game console software Market trend Analysis Market Size and Forecast, 2011 - 2015 Gaming development tools software Market Trend Analysis Market Size and Forecast. 2011 - 2015 PC gaming software Market Trend Analysis Market Size and Forecast. 2011 - 2015 Mobile gaming software Market Trend Analysis Market Size and Forecast. 2011 - 2015 Video game handheld software Market Trend Analysis Market Size and Forecast. 2011 - 2015
4.1.3. Online Gaming Market Internet Users Market Trend Analysis Market Size and Forecast. 2011 - 2015 Mobile Users Market Trend Analysis Market Size and Forecast. 2011 - 2015
4.2. Monetization and Revenue Generation methods
4.2.1. Advertising or content services
4.2.2. Advergaming
4.2.3. In game advertising
4.2.4. Content devices music
4.2.5. Online platforms
4.2.6. Hosting
4.2.7. Publishing Platforms
4.2.8. Currency/product exchange service
4.3. Global Gaming Market Revenue and Forecast by Geography
4.3.1. U.S. Market Trend Analysis Market Size and Forecast. 2011 - 2015
4.3.2. Europe Market Trend Analysis Market Size and Forecast. 2011 - 2015
4.3.3. Asia Pacific Market Trend Analysis Market Size and Forecast. 2011 - 2015
4.3.4. ROW Market Trend Analysis Market Size and Forecast. 2011 - 2015


5.1. Summary
5.2. Market Share By Key Players
5.3. Competitive Strategy By Key Players
5.4. Agreements and Collaborations
5.5. Recent Developments


6.1. Market Strategy for Success
6.2. Barriers to be Considered
6.3. Future Assumptions


7.1. Nintendo
7.1.1. Company overview
7.1.2. Products and service
7.1.3. Business strategies
7.1.4. Financial Overview
7.1.5. Recent Development
7.2. Activision Blizzard

More new market research reports by the publisher can be found at Transparency Market Research page.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Company Jiggle Launches New Facebook Ranking Application

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) October 03, 2012

Jiggle Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of the Facebook application that can be found here: The application was launched in early August after about six months of development.

With this application, Facebook users can see who interacts most with them and who interacts most with any of their Facebook friends. It also has a breakdown of the interactions a particular Facebook user has with another user, including photos they are in together, wall posts, photo comments, and wall post comments. The goal of the application is to provide a different way of looking at a Facebook user’s profile – one that focuses more on relationships the user has had with their Facebook friends.

As an illustration of a use case for the application, suppose that a Facebook user just added a new friend on Facebook. With Jiggle, that Facebook user can click on that new friend and see the list of people who have interacting the most with him or her. In doing so, they will get a good summary of the user’s social network and who his or her close friends on Facebook really are. If it is someone the Facebook user is close with it, it will likely confirm what he or she already suspected about his or her’s social network. If it is a more distant friend, it should be more revealing. The idea of the application was first conceived by Gevork Palyan, who wanted to see a Facebook application that is more integrated with the Facebook experience. About the application, he said, “In using Facebook applications and games, I noticed that very few of them actually make use of Facebook content. Many of these applications could exist outside of Facebook. I wanted to create an application that would make use of a Facebook user’s content and couldn’t exist without it.”

The Jiggle application has similar functionality to other existing applications on Facebook like My Top Fans and My Super Fans. However, this application allows Facebook users to rank the top friends of their entire social network, not just their own. This key idea was proposed by Raffi Hagopian, one of the several developers on the project. As he put it, “Most people already know who their top friends on Facebook are. This information is not as interesting. However, they are more likely to interested in who their friends’ top friends are whether they admit or not.”

The application is written entirely in Javascript and makes use of Facebook’s graph api. No data is stored on servers and communication with Facebook is all encrypted. The application runs on all modern browsers and mobile devices.

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